BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Shepherds Shepards Hook 48 Inch 2/5in Solid Metal Heavy Duty Outdoor Cream White BG447 BG448

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  • Durable and High : This double white heavy duty garden shepherds hook 48 inch tall and 2/5 inch diameter one piece wrought iron metal garden hanging hooks, much thicker than other brand 1/4 inch garden shepherds hooks, makes you have the confidence you have the strongest and most thick garden shepherd hook for hanging bird feeder pole or garden plant stakes, just bring your heaviest flower pot basket or bird feeders pole.
  • Multi-Purpose: Beautify your outdoor living space by garden hanging planters, flower pots,bird feeder poles,lanterns,candle holders,garden lights,mason jars,holiday decorations,string lights,wind chimes,ornaments,flower balls, bird baths,shooting targets,mosquito lights,isle markers,buckets of sand for ashtrays and more!Enhance garden look and place these shepherd hooks around pathways,flower beds in around bushes in your garden or yard for decoration.
  • Anti-Rust : This shepherds hook 48 inch will came ready to use and there no plastics or complex assembly involved, simply stake the shepherd hook in the ground with your foot and you are ready to go. These double shepherds hook glossy paint rust and the white color remains lovely. Stake the tall shepherds hook directly into the ground for a humming bird feeder pole stand hanging solar lantern, and begin enjoying a beautiful garden immediately.
  • Stylish and Beautiful : The heavy duty shepherds hook great for outdoor wedding aisle hook crook stake hanging flower balls and mason jars,tall shepherds hook for bird feeders and poles,outdoor plant hangers and garden decor hangings,hang your flying ghost and solar lantern.shepard hooks for wedding and yard hooks for lanterns and garden stake.Powder coated not only resistant rust but also providing stylish shiny white looking which adds special scenic views to your lawn and garden.
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