Aluminum Foil Duct Hose Grow Tent Room Ventilation Cooling System

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  • Non-insulated Ducting: 6" diameter x 25' feet long air duct, made of thick and durable aluminum, fire-resistance coating foil vent ducting with 2 metal clamps, the 4 inch flexible clamps fits fans and vents, simple to keep clean, great for using a diversion vent at temperature range from 0 to 185+ F.
  • 6x25 Spiral Ducting: Wide variety of applications in ductwork system, heat filters, medical rooms, air conditioner, allergy room m, bathroom, greenhouse, tent grow room, air tight system and stove vent, circulating the atmosphere, air-conditioning the flow, removing heat from an enclosure, distributes CO2, increases temperature & humidity levels and etc.
  • Tight & Flexible: Ductwork heavy duty helically shaped and internally crimped corrosion resistant wire helix interlocking steel strips to form an air tight and leak proof system, flexible to expand and stay strong as a clothes dryer transition duct, ventilation tent air blower, flange system cleaner, etc.
  • Easy to Install: To cut and poke a hole in the duct with a screwdriver and tear around it with finger. Then use side cutters to clip the support wire.
  • Warranty: Quality guaranteed! Any pinholes or tears by this 6 inch aluminum ducting could be resolved here by communication!
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